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This site was created to celebrate the unique sound of the electric piano, an instrument capable of being smooth and mellow, hard and funky, or anywhere in-between. The two most famous makes are Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer. The Fender Rhodes' most influential era was probably the 1970's when it helped define the sound of jazz-funk and jazz-fusion, as well as finding favour with soul, funk and disco artists. It rapidly became an essential component of urban music. The Wurlitzer enjoyed great success from the early 1960's onwards finding itself popular with rock and pop bands.
Affectionately known as the Rhodes and the Wurlie, their use lessened during 1980's, but with the emergence of acid-jazz, hip-hop, garage etc. which look to the past for inspiration, the sound has become cool once more. This site features information on records and artists that use electric pianos, and links to other relevant sites.

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I hang my head in shame....many apologies for broken links and the lack of updates, the whole site has got a bit untidy. I've finally got a new host organised and in the coming weeks I shall move the whole site across. Before doing that I will trawl through, page by page, sorting out the problems on an almost daily basis (commencing 21/1/2002.) A big thank you to all of you who have tuned into Cool Keys Radio(T1/DSL/Cable required) an update to the playlist is imminent.

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