Electric Piano Links

  • Hohner Pianet Some useful insight into a lesser known electric piano made by the famed harmonica and Clavinet manufacturers.

  • Rhodes Restoration Pat is documenting the rehabilitation of his recently acquired Stage 88 - lots of good pics.

  • The Electric Piano Board A brand new forum to join for exchanging ideas and information about electric pianos.

  • The Rhodes Supersite This site merges the Badrat page and the Rhodes Infomation Site - the place to educate yourself about the Rhodes.

  • The Rhodes Method If you fancy learning the piano perhaps try this method.

  • Simon's Hall Of Electric Pianos A nice guide to every type of electric piano ever made.

  • Melbourne Music Centre A good article by Brad Coates explaining exactly how a Rhodes piano works.

  • Melbourne Music Centre Another excellent article by Brad Coates, this time on what makes a Wurlitzer tick.

  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano Archive The best site for the Wurlitzer, with pictures of different models etc.

  • Dr Blues Good site with interesting articles on the Rhodes,Wurlitzer, and various cool recording artists. Also in a Swedish version.

    General Instrument Links

  • Little & Lampert - Piano Specialists A UK based source for quality new and used acoustic pianos.

  • The Hammond Organ Manuel Perera Dominguez writes authoritatively in Spanish about the Hammond organ.

  • The Mellotron Manuel considers the Mellotron this time, even if you don't understand Spanish the list of recordings make this worth seeing.

  • Blue Note Manuel writes about perhaps the greatest jazz label ever.

  • Jimmy Smith Manuel's latest piece is about a true Hero of the Hammond.

  • Hohner Clavinet Resource Homepage A new page featuring another type of funky keyboard.

    General Music Links

  • The Rap Sample FAQ A fascinating and very comprehensive site looking at the original breaks used in hundreds of tracks.

  • Meta Music Jahsonic has a nice site about all that is good in the worlds of original disco, house and beyond.

  • Ace Records UK based family of record labels, check their vast links page.

  • Dusty Groove Records Chicago based store, a good source for hard to find tracks.

  • CD Now Reliable on-line music vendor.

  • Juno Records Good for all the latest dance releases, lots of information on this site. They are very helpful too.

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