What's New

  • 30/1/02 Deleted broken links on Tracks 5,6,7,8 & 9.

  • 24/1/02 Deleted broken links on Tracks 3 & 4.

  • 21/1/2002 The big job of correcting all the broken links starts here on Tracks 1 & 2.

  • 24/6/01 Added 11 more tracks to the radio station (also reformatted the playlist); a few extra players; Thrust join Web Music while Jose PH, Gammahoochee and Panagea Funk depart; and finished Tracks 12 with Glucklich 2.

  • 12/5/01 Added 8 more tunes to the Cool Keys Radio playlist, and a few more players too.

  • 26/4/01 The playlist (with links) is now on the radio page, added a few players and a link to a CD dealer in Japan that sells the Takehiro Honda CD.

  • 16/4/01 Added another 3 hours of music to Cool Keys Radio.

  • 2/4/01 Checked the whole site for broken links and sure enough several had developed since July 2000. Also added - a link for Simon's Hall Of Electic Piano's page; a few new CD Now links; Gammahoochee, Funky People and Jose PH to Web Music; Mike Longo and Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson to Tracks 12.

  • 22/2/2001 Finally back with an update! Way overdue but better late than never - sincere apologies to regular visitors for keeping you waiting so long. I remain very committed to the page and hopefully by the summer the site will have undergone a major facelift and be hosted with a proper domain name. Added links for Cool Keys Radio.

  • 20/7/00 Added MMW and Mark de Clive-Lowe on T12. Also, more additions to Players and Daniel Biro joins the Web Music page.

  • 3/7/00 Long time no update, just really busy. Added Youngbloods to T12. Some new additions/changes in Web Music and more Players as usual.

  • 22/5/00 Completed T11 with Charles Earland.

  • 10/5/00 I'm back, added Kenny B and Oscar P to T11. Also Pangaea Funk added to Web Music and an update on David K. A few more players as usual too.

  • 24/3/00 Site is one year old! Added Funky Presidents and Beat Down Sound to Web Music plus a few more players. Joined the Vintage Keyboard Webring.

  • 26/2/00 Lot of stuff, Herbie and Yoshinora Sunahara on T11, a new entry in Web Music (Mark de Clive-Loewe), more players and new links.

  • 5/2/00 Three from The Fab Four completes T10, Eddie Russ starts T11, and yep, more players. Also amended Zombies (T3),Three Dog Night (T9) and Queen (T10) as all use the Hohner Pianet - added a link for this keyboard.

  • 14/1/00 Quickly corrected Supertramp credits on T5, added a new link for Pat's restoration project.

  • 9/1/2000 Further examples of Clare Fischer and some Queen, more players too.

  • 28/12/99 Classy stuff from Takehiro Honda added to Tracks 10, spell checked the site with shocking results!!

  • 14/12/99 Fun stuff from 3 Dog Night ends T9, T10 starts with Latimore and a relocated Casino Royale. Added players and inverted updates list.

  • 23/11/99 Rock and Latin for a change - Supergrass and Clare Fischer. Couple more players.

  • 14/11/99 Isotope, Miles Davis added on T9, expanded on Casino Royale in Web Music, new Hammond link and yet more players.

  • 31/10/99 New music finishing T8 (VT) and starting T9 (LLS). New link (Dr Blues) and more players.

  • 14/10/99 A quick one, uploaded a new link for Ethan White in Web Music.

  • 9/10/99 All styles catered for, jazz with D.Grusin (oops on the title-corrected 10/10, not enough sleep:-), soul with D.Hathaway and some disco too. Added more players.

  • 30/9/99 Two good new links on Web Music and links page updated.

  • 21/9/99 Classics all the way with Herbie and Steely Dan.

  • 8/9/99 Final two for Tracks 7-Fela and Weldon,a new link for Web Music-Chupacabra, and some more Players.

  • 29/8/99 Sorted some new space so MP3's for Tracks 7 now up, added some more players, and T7 gets classic Deodato and Jeff Beck. Took off Beastie Boys link as they have removed their concert archive, shame.

  • 19/8/99 Tracks 7 started with Misty and more Bob James. Added the Players page and modified navigation bar. Horizontal lines should now show in Netscape.

  • 12/8/99 Just quickly added B.Boys to Web Music and checked links.

  • 6/8/99 Back from a short holiday, finished Tracks 6 with Cannonball and Stevie.

  • 22/7/99 Brian Auger added to Tracks 6.

  • 15/7/99 A classic from Chick Corea and jazz fusion from Bobby Lyle. Also a new band in Web Music and a new Wurlitzer link.

  • 9/7/99 Only time for one, Loose Joints start Tracks 6

  • 1/7/99 A new section for all that talent out there in net land!

  • 23/6/99 Finished Tracks 5 with Patrice and Slide Five. Titles are now underlined instead of silver as some browsers rendered them invisible! Sorry 'bout that.

  • 16/6/99 Tracks 5 gets a bit of contemporary club music with Alexkid and cool Latin from Rio.

  • 6/6/99 A bit late with these as my modem went wrong. Tracks 5 started with Supertramp and Joe Sample, and a CD Now link for Azymuth's Woodland Warrior.

  • 24/5/99 Final two for Tracks 4, Lalo plus The Crusaders. Finally got a CD Now link for Classic Disco Mastercuts.

  • 18/5/99 Added Incognito to Tracks 4, also changed all Real Audio clips, hopefully they will stream a bit better.

  • 16/5/99 Had a bash at improving the navigation and appearance of the site.

  • 12/5/99 Three albums to start off Tracks 4 - Gus Gus, Paul Weller and a comp.

  • 4/5/99 Completed Tracks 3 with The Zombies.

  • 29/4/99 Two new tracks added, Weldon Irvine and Webster Lewis. Also two links on EP mechanisms.

  • 20/4/99 Four new tracks added, Deodato and Bob James. Also a new link about clavinets.

  • 11/4/99 Two new tracks added, Roy Budd and Jessica Lauren.

  • 8/4/99 Added CD Now links.

  • 29/3/99 The Cool Keys Page makes it's debut.


    I would like to thank Bill Penn and Richard Wilson for their invaluable help with the development of this site.

    Thanks also to Matt Chadra, Geoff G, John Vidor, Rob van Bavel, John Heston, Jessica Lauren, Nikki G, Richard Contenas, Konstantin Lehmann, Aaron @ clavinet.com, Manuel Perera Dominguez, Jose Garcia, Sven Lavine, Aubin, Franklin Maes, and Greg Mizanin.

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